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Review: Rapture by Phillip W. Simpson

Rapture (Rapture Trilogy, #1)
Title: Rapture
Series: Rapture, #1
Author: Phillip W. Simpson
Category: Paranormal/ Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
The Rapture has occurred, just as the Bible predicted. The faithful have risen up to Heaven. Those left behind are in a living hell. 

Earth burns, hell-like in its oppressive heat. Every volcano in the world has erupted, and tsunamis and earthquakes continue to devastate the planet. Clouds continually rain ash onto the scorched landscape, sparking fires all around. Plants and animals are dying. Food is scarce. The night sky is devoid of stars, and the moon - when it can be seen - is the colour of blood. 

The remnants of humanity fight for survival. Most have fled the cities and now hide in caves deep in the mountains. By night, demons stalk the Earth, capturing the remaining humans and killing them - if they're lucky. The less fortunate are converted to worship of the Devil, and ushered into endless hell. 

Eighteen year old, Sam (short for Samael) was raised in the town of Jacob's Ladder, Utah. It is appropriately enough near to a place of natural scenic beauty called Devil's garden. He finds himself alone, unable to rise up with his family because he is half demon. His mother, a devout Christian, was seduced by Satan and conceived his child. She smuggled the boy to an old friend Hikari, a Japanese sword master and demon expert. Since then, Hikari and his daughter, Aimi, have been all the family Sam has known. 

Now they're gone, and Sam must set out on the mission Hikari charged him with long ago: to help all the humans left behind. Armed only with his beloved Japanese swords and his wits, Sam wanders the post-apocalyptic world alone, separated forever from everyone he loves. Cursed by his demonic heritage, he must now embark on a quest that will take him across the US to the City of Angels. 

There he will confront his destiny. There he must fight to save a friend ... and the souls of the living.

My Review

Well, this is my first time reading about the biblical ending of the world, or in other terms, the Rapture. When hell-on-Earth begins.

So, I had ideas of what to expect when reading this book and it generally gave me what I was expecting, but also more than I was anticipating. It was definitively a different read for me. 
 I did love the idea of the story or more primarily, that the book takes place in such a crucial event. The idea is something I really liked, but for the book, not too much.

Let me start off with stating I loved the fighting scenes! They were intense, and beautifully written in there own way.

The story line and the way the author tells the story sounds too much and feels way to like an anime or a manga. I mean, it could actually be a script for the next big anime series. The sword fighting, demons, and a guy who's half demon himself, setting out to save the remaining people left on earth. Yeah, basic anime plot line right there. I actually pictured the whole book playing out in my head like an anime... 

The characters though had, well, no depth. Honestly, the whole story felt like that from beginning to end.  The writing too simple and detail just enough to lay out the story and give you a basic description of the book. The plot was intriguing and vastly interesting, but, oh, it could of been so much more. I mean, this is a great topic to build a story. The author just didn't do it for me. 

I felt like the author just scraped the surface of what this book could of been. I felt like it moved too fast and was too predictable. The setting was interesting and how the author describes gives us a glimpse into a world ravaged by demons. I was sucked in just because of the concept. And I found the sword fighting pretty damn awesome.

The characters felt flat to me, or more one-dimensional. Sam, the main character, is the only character in the book that actually has depth, to an extent. The flashbacks, I thought, were a good element to the story and showed us, readers, who Sam really is and how much he struggles with who he is and what he is. Also I felt that the flashbacks, showed no differences from his six year old self to his eighteen year old self. 

 I was cheering him straight from the beginning.  But other than Sam, the characters held no true depth. No interest whatsoever. 

The book has a good pace, and once I got to the middle of the book, I couldn't put it down. I just wanted to know what would happen to Sam and where the story would lead.
The imaginary was good for this book and made it feel like, ending-of-world/last-person-on-earth,  I liked that. Made the book more 'real'.

I also found it wasn't too preachy or religious which is good for those who are or aren't religious. 

The idea and concept of this book was new to me, and I enjoyed that, the world the author created was so intriguing, but as a whole, I just felt like this book could of been so much better. 

Will I continue the series?  No, but I believe this is a book everyone, who loves this type of genre, should at least attempt to read, you just might end of liking it.

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