Friday, February 10, 2012

Lux Series: Revamped and looking better than ever. * insert fan girl moment here*

New, Revamp covers for Obsidian, Shadows and Onyx...
 Oh. dear. Lord.
And the reprint of Obsidian will have two, TWO, new extra scenes from Daemon's POV!
 Well, I have Obsidian already, but I am so buying it again. Yes, just for the extra scenes and new cover..
.. so sue me....
Comes out April 10th 
* and yes, I have marked my calender*

The new covers look amazing, :)

Shadows well be out on Feb. 21

Onyx release date August 14, 2012

* squeals*

That is all.. 

*And don't forget to check out Jennifer L. Armentrout's Blog, author of the Lux and Covenant series*

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