Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coffee, the essences of life

The past few days, I have been beyond lazy. I have been sick twice in 4 weeks and have traveled over 849 miles twice in two weeks. I am tired, and that is  an understatement...
All that sickness and traveling also put me behind in my online classes. Not something I like at all. * facepalm*

I hate, no loath being behind... Its infuriating trying to catch up. Especially when all I want to do is sleep.. which I have been doing a lot of for the past couple of days :) And when its all rainy and gloom and doom outside, makes me even more lazy and not willing to get out of bed...(and its been raining a lot lately) 
I have a love/hate relationship with my bed right now.

Anyways, other than the fact of my own turmoil. I haven't had time to read anything... which is, to me, a crime against society. But I have been quite productive. 
I picked up my paintbrush again! Which I hardly ever do anymore. And I used to love painting!!! *getting high on paint fumes* ha ha ahhhh
So, I painted, or attempted to paint, some nice scenery pictures.

I actually got the ideas from another artist, Tim Gagnon. His paintings are so beautiful, and makes me so jealous....I wish I could paint like him.. *i just attempt and, well, fail*
But it was so nice to paint again. I remember when all I did was draw and paint. 
Yup, big art geek, right here!
I'm hoping that I'll start feeling like my 'normal' self again. Which, I was never normal to begin with. But whatevs.
But, oh dear lord, I need to get my nose in a book. I'm having withdrawals. 
Now, I'm gonna inject coffee right into my veins and try not to crawl back into bed..
And also attempt to do some of my online classes.

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