Tuesday, May 15, 2012

News: 30 Days of Daemon. Oh. Dear Lord. Thank You!

30 Days of Daemon 

Yes, the 30 days of Daemon has begun and boy, I can't be more excited.
So, go over to Jennifer Amerntrout's blog
And you'll get a list of the 30 days of Daemon and what blog will be doing what for the 30 Days of Daemon.
Check. It. Out.
I mean it!
I have already read the first post for it.
And dear lord. 
*fans myself*

The teasers!!!!!!!! 
It makes me what Onyx, so bad!
SO check Armentrout's blog for the 30 Days of Daemon :)

And a special annoncment from Jennifer L. Armentrout considering the much loved Lux series!! :)

Yes, There will be two more books in the Lux series!!
I literally screamed and jumped up and down when Armentrout made the announcement! 
As soon as those book are out I'm gonna be like
*goes out and gets the next books in the Lux series*

*then reads all the Daemon goodness *cough couch* I mean the Lux series awesomeness*

So get ready for some more of that smoking hot, infuriating alien Daemon :)

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