Saturday, July 14, 2012

And then lightning struck

Well, I have had the worse Friday 13th, ever..
All day I was just waiting for a guy in a mask to walk in and.. go all ape shit on my ass.
Great times!

So, why did I have such a great 13th you ask..
*sarcasm intended* 
Let's start with my whole day, it pretty much sucked.
That definitely sums it up in a nice little package...
Nothing went right, nothing at all..
It was like the world and every human being, creature, god..whatever, was like,
"Hey, let's piss Magen off today! Let's make her day just suck!!" 
*everyone shouts in agreement*

They then set forth and make my day, uh well, suck :)

When I finally got home that night, I was beyond relieved and happy!
I was ready to crash, relax, chill. All those great things.
I was planning to post some reviews, and read!
Perfect night planned.
Well, remember the hordes of angry humans and creatures that had put a plan in motion to ruin my day..
They weren't done with me yet...
Fate was seriously against me last night.

Well, a little bit after I got home, a storm started moving in, darkening the sky.
Clouds of ominous doom blanketed the heavens.

Then thunder cracked, shaking my house.
And what follows thunder??


And it decided my house would be the perfect target.

So, after a miserable day in town, hoping to spend some time online, relaxing, ended in a loud and foreboding  POP!!!

Freaking fabulous..

With a curse, I knew that the gods had accomplished their goal of the day.

My internet, or modem to be more precise, was struck.

I could hear the gods laughing...

I now have no internet at my house, I am currently at my grandmother's, stealing hers..
And I am praying, to every creature or god that might still love me, my internet will be back up and running by Monday. Or that's what the internet man said when I called him, hopefully he wasn't part of that angry mob...

I hope I still have some luck on my side, I might need to hunt down a leprechaun and a unicorn..

I seriously don't know what to do without my internet..
I'm already having withdrawals.

So, to the few and faithful followers I have, I just wanted to explain why I'll be absent for a few days..
By Monday, I hope I'll have internet and I can catch up on my reviews and all that fun stuff.

*grabs items that are suppose to bring luck*

So... *sniff, sniff* I guess I'll be back, if the gods are willing, by Monday!


I hope everyone has a much better weekend then me!

Happy Reading!!
Magen Corrie


  1. Oh, so sorry Magen! We had a big thunder/lightening storm last night as well. The entire time I was worried our power was going to go too. It flashed but stayed on, thankfully. Fingers crossed you are back up and running soon!



  2. I slept throughout the 13th. Sorry you had such a scary night.


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