Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Little Message For All You Wonderful Followers

I would first like to apologize to the few and faithful followers I have, I haven't been around in the last few days... Okay, I haven't been around practically all last week... I have been very busy, and by busy I also mean lazy :) 

I've been visiting family and spending time with my grandparents, who just celebrated their 50th anniversary!! *cue the aw'ing now* 
They even had a little ceremony and re-did their vows!! 

It was so sweet! 
And I was so happy I could be there and witness it.

Paul and Theresa Lirette
50th Anniversary
I didn't have a chance to really check my blog or even read while I was away. Still not a great accuse, I know. However, when I got home Sunday night I ended up sleeping all day Monday... I literally slept over 20 hours, the trip and driving wore me out. 

Okay, so the point of this post, which isn't about my trip or my grandparents, is to inform you, my lovely followers, is that I am currently staying with my mother in Mississippi, due to the fact my husband is a Marine and is deployed. So, I am getting ready for the hurricane. Yup, lovely. 

I am just letting you guys know, if the hurricane actually does end up being bad, which I feel it won't, I might not have electricity for a day or worse, for a few days... I pray that doesn't happen.. On the bright side, if that does happen, I will have plenty of time to read! 

Now, I could of been smart and scheduled some post, however, I am a lazy person, and I have been quite busy.. Ha ha! 

I do have two reviews I have to post, but I just decided I'll wait till after the storm passes so I can keep track of my blog and comments. I love talking to you guys! 

The saddest part about this, if the electricity does go out, I will not be able to stalk my favorite blogs, worse part about this situation! 

I hope you guys miss me.. HA!!!! 

Be safe my fellow book lovers and read!!!

Magen Corrie :)


  1. I totally 'awed', how sweet!!! Good luck riding out the storm, Doll!

    1. 50 years!! That's just amazing!!

      Thank you! The rain just started, hoping and praying we don't lose electricity :/

  2. That's so cool about your grandparents. Mine made it to their 50th too.

    I'll miss you if the power goes out! Good luck with the storm!

    1. Yup I survived! It was a dangerous journey, a voyage I never imagined to take. Howling winds, rain that could bet a man the size of a elephant down. I seen things that will forever scar me...

      Ha ha I jest, I jest! It did get somewhat bad, rain and wind. Lots of flooding. But luckily, we ended up not getting the worse part of the storm. Luckily no loss of electricity either!!



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