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Review: Being Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #1) by Kelly Oram

Title: Being Jamie Baker
Series: Jamie Baker, #1
Author: Kelly Oram
Category:Urban Fantasy/ Romance/ Sci-Fi
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
An accident that should end in tragedy instead gives seventeen-year-old Jamie Baker a slew of uncontrollable superhuman abilities. 

To keep her secret safe Jamie socially exiles herself, earning the title of Rocklin High's resident ice queen. But during a supercharged encounter with star quarterback Ryan Miller she literally kisses anonymity goodbye. 

Now the annoyingly irresistible Ryan will stop at nothing to melt the heart of the ice queen and find out what makes her so special. 

Unfortunately, Ryan is not the only person on to her secret. 

Will Jamie learn to contain her unstable powers before being discovered by the media or turned into a government lab rat?

 More importantly, can she throw Ryan Miller off her trail before falling in love with him?

My Review: 

I am beyond happy I picked up Being Jamie Baker, it was simply amazing!! A fun filled ride from the very first paragraph to the last page. From the absolutely witty and adorable characters to the intense action and mystery, you will not be able to put this book down, I know I couldn't.

Kelly Oram definitely created a unique and humorous story. From the clever dialogue, intriguing characters and fun writing style, Being Jamie Baker is a book you just have to read!

Most superhero stories start with a meteor shower or a nasty insect bite, but mine actually starts with a kiss. Whether it was a kiss of life or a kiss of death I still haven’t decided, but it was, surprisingly, a really good kiss. Not that I’d ever tell him that.

Being Jamie Baker opens amazingly, with the first paragraph, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to put this book down and that I was going to love it, oh, so much. And I was right.

First though, I would like to shake hands with Momo at Books Over Boys, a book blogger who said amazing things about this book, if it wasn’t for her and her raves about Being Jamie Baker, I wouldn’t of picked it up. SO Thank you!!!!  Check out her review HERE.

Jamie Baker, a girl that is totally different, in more ways than one. I loved Jamie Baker, she is this snarky I-don’t-give-a-shit kind of girl. Jamie is not only witty and strong, she is an admirable person. She is struggling to not only overcome the grief of what happened to her in the past but is also trying to find a balance with what she is now. She has her strong points and she has her flaws, her insecurities and her fears. To me, she is an amazing character.

Now, as you can see, Jamie Baker is well, very different. She has a few quirks about her. For one, she has a little problem with  electricity, she can move a bit faster, and she seems to be just a bit stronger than most, along with a few other things. So, moving to a new town, trying to keep people away from her, and trying her best so others won’t see her ‘little’ differences is Jamie’s priority. However, doing this has given her the nickname ‘The Ice queen’ in her new school. Everyone avoids her, and Jamie likes it that way. It’s easier on her, keeps not only other’s safe, but herself included.

Jamie prides herself on being that snarky, frigid ‘Ice Queen’, that is until Ryan Miller show up with his sweet talking ways. *wink wink*

Ryan Miller... 

Hisn't usually the type of guy I swoon over…that much! But the way that Oram created him was well, like her book, brilliant! He is that guy everyone loves, and you just can’t help but love also. And the first time he talks to Jamie, he totally blows her mind and leaves her wanting more!!! His got that chipper happiness that affects everyone within a certain radius,everyone just soaks it up and is happy, too, just by being in his presence. I guess the best way to describe Ryan Miller is that he is the complete opposite of Jamie Baker. Absolutely sweet, charming and full of life. But just like Jamie, he has his flaws, and he never really hides them from Jamie. That makes him an amazing character.

“Will you stop?” he pleaded. “I’ve been going crazy since you kissed me.”

Ryan Miller, football star, the guy everyone loves, takes a bet. And it deals with Jamie Baker, the school’s ‘Ice Queen’ and he isn’t one to back down. But in true Ryan Miller style he takes Jamie by surprise. And both he and Jamie have an experience they can’t ignore.

One thing leads to another, one witty comment, one boy you can’t back down, a guy who seems to be after Jamie, and BAM you are sucked into the world of Jamie Baker.

Okay, so I have go on and on about Jamie and Ryan, why I love them…Maybe I should discuss something else…..??? What, you wanna hear more about them.. Okay!  What I loved so much about these two characters is that they don’t give into each other so easily.. Jamie tries her best to stay away from Ryan. And Ryan never truly gives up on Jamie.
There was definitely attraction right off between the two, but you can see how they slowly grow to not only understand and appreciate each other, but to love each other. Together they grew stronger and prove so much to themselves and to each other. They are so cute and adorable. They are wonderful characters to say the least.

Alright I’m done…well, raving about Jamie and Ryan!! Not only are those two characters amazing, but each character in this book is unique. From the ones I hate to the ones I liked.

The humor, the dialogue between characters, the author’s writing style. All of it together delivers a book that is just.. wow!
The pace is right to my liking, everything comes to you and leaves you sighing, aw’ing, swooning, staring at the book going..WHAT!!! Oram delivered everything seamlessly, from revealing things about Jamie’s past, to the growth and interaction of Jamie and Ryan.

Now even though I just want to go on and on about this book, and all the great things that happened.. I am not going to do so, no spoilers! You guys are just going to have to pick this book up!

 “I love every single thing about him. Even the things I hate. His confidence.His persistence. That stupid grin that’s plastered on his face twenty-four, seven.”

This is a book that'll keep you smiling well after you read it.
And you know it’s a great book when you can’t stop smiling, can’t stop thinking about it, and you just crave more!

Light, cute and witty.
I don't know how anyone cannot, not like Being Jamie Baker.
Just from the first paragraph you, are sucked into the world of Jamie Baker 
and I enjoyed every single moment of it!

Jamie's definitely is my kind of superhero!

His face was only inches from mine now, and he was smiling down at me as if he owned the entire world.
“I knew you secretly wanted me.”
Way to kill the moment. “Oh, would you get over yourself already?”
“I can’t. His grin grew wider. “I just won the heart of the world’s only superhero. I’m the man!”

About the author: 

Kelly Oram

Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen–a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her. She's obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.

Find Kelly Oram Online: GoodreadsWebsite

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  1. Okay you sold me. I will be adding this to my to-read list. Great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  2. This sounds amazing!! I can't believe I haven't read this or heard about this yet! *bangs head on wall* I'll definitely be adding this to my TBR list! Amazing Review, Magen! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair 

    1. Thank you so much!!! :)

      I hope you enjoy it!!

  3. Great review! I never heard of this one before but it definitely sounds like a book I would love. I love superhero stories and this sounds awesome! I also love a good fun read. Will definitely be checking this one out now!

    1. Ha ha I'm so glad I heard of this book! I hope you enjoy it!!!
      Thank you for checking out my review!!! :D


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