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Review: Blood on the Moon (Blood on the Moon, #1) by Jennifer Knight

Title: Blood on the Moon
Series: Blood on the Moon, #1
Author: Jennifer Knight
Category: Paranormal/ Romance
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 3 stars out of 5
As Faith Reynolds enters her freshman year of college, she is a complete and utter nervous wreck.  With her best friend Derek suddenly pulling out the romance card and her dark, mysterious classmate staring her down at every turn, Faith somehow feels stuck in the middle without dating either one.  And fortune may or may not be with her when a devilshly sexy stranger offers her a welcome escape.

Boys, romance, classes, and annoying roommates are all within the realm of the expected for a college frosh.  Trying to solve the mysterious murders of young college coeds near campus is not.  Darkness seems to be creeping into every corner of Faith's life, no matter the hour.  And when she seeks the truth, danger seems to be the only thing that finds her.

Faith is well aware of the strange currents in the air, particularly when she sets off static sparks with everything she touches.  Before long, she finds herself entrenched in the deep-seeded battle between werewolves and vampires.  The war has reached the tipping point, and Faith has the power to determine where the scales fall.  But the most important question may be with whom does her loyalty lie?

Deliciously suspenseful and immediately addictive, Blood on the Moon features a headstrong heroine and all of the thrills, chills, and otherworldly boys with deadly charm that a human could ask for.

My Review: 

Werewolves, vampires, werewolves and vampires, OH MY!!!

I have loved werewolf books for a long time, not only are vampires awesome sauce, I believe that werewolves truly hold their own special place in my heart.. However, it is hard to find a good werewolf book, one that focuses solely on werewolves. What I mean by that is just most werewolves books I have read have left me feeling, hmm, empty, not fulfilled. So, going into Blood on the Moon, I was a bit hesitant.

But to be honest, I am very glad I picked up this book, even though it wasn’t blow-your-mind-oh-my-gawd-this-book-is-amazing-I-shall-build-a-shrine-to-worship-it, amazing. It was a very decent read. I give kudos to Knight, I didn’t get the unfulfilled feeling.

Now, there is something I would like to get off my chest before I really get into this review, I am very tired of every werewolf and vampire book being compared to Twilight. Books of such, have been written way before Twilight, so yeah you are going to find similarities. It’s bound to happen with every book, but each book has a right to be recognized without the 0h-my-this-is-just-a-twilight-ripoff comparison.  I hope I didn’t make anyone mad. It’s just how I feel.

His eyes were wild-like an animal’s. Intense and angular, they were so light they were almost silver.

So, Blood on the Moon was a decent werewolf/vampire read, Knight gave this book its own uniqueness. She developed a story I was able to get lost in and kept me wanting to find out what would happen next. Knight gave me some things I was looking for in a good werewolf book, then some things that just made me go ‘why oh why’ *sad sigh*

The story even with its own uniqueness, starts 
off without surprise. Now the MC, Faith, who at times I did wanted to punch in the face, but I got used to her and she seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders at times.
Faith has just started college and low and behold, tall, dark let-me-rip-your-shirt-off-and-lick-your-abs sexy guy, well, makes an impression on Faith. Now, after hearing weird rumors about this hot guy, Lucas, she tries to steer clear of him. But that just doesn’t seem to work out. Something about him just attracts Faith. I would call it fate, I believe, no matter what Faith does, she can’t seem to get him out of her mind.  

Lucas had a vibe rolling off of him like nothing I’d felt before. It was like every inch of his skin was trembling with pure unveiled anger. But he just sat back in his chair looking bored.

Then we have the guy, Oh Lucas, he is that dark, mysteries type of guy. The kind I like reading about here and there. He is anything but nice to Faith, sarcastic and just plan rude in her company.  And something about Faith sets him on edge, so he tries to avoid her, but like Faith he just can’t. For whatever reasons.

Even Lucas tries to push Faith away. But as some strange events start taking place, young beautiful girls are being murdered not far from Faith’s college, she has a feeling something isn’t right. And Lucas, may or may not be involved.

Then Faith comes in contact with well, another hot mysteries guy, and when Lucas finds out, he tries to warn Faith to stay away. Of course, she does the opposite, believing Lucas just to be extremely moody and after how he treated her, she doesn’t want to deal with him.

Then one thing leads to another and bam, Faith’s world is turned upside down. And she has to find a way to protect herself, her friends and her life. But she’s not alone, she has Lucas, and something is slowly growing between them.

I felt the pace of Blood on the Moon was nice, at times it did feel a bit rushed, but it didn’t bother me too bad.  There were things that just made me laugh and things that made me roll my eyes. But it has some of the sweetest moments that just made my toes curl and giggle like a crazy lady. However, at times, I did just wanted to face palm myself.

It was an amazing sight, like watching something wild become tame.

What I enjoyed a lot about this book, was how Faith and Lucas interact with each other, at first they hate each other and argue and fight. Their bantering was amusing and entertaining.  But a strange attraction pulls them together and when Lucas has to protect Faith, they let that attraction show. However, something about Faith triggers Lucas, so it’s a dangerous slope for them. And that was one of the things that really interested me, one of the reasons I’ll continue reading this series.

Other than the pace, I also enjoyed the characters. Yes, some got on my nerves, Faith included. But I was able to see growth in some of them. That made the story better and helped me enjoy it more.

Blood on the Moon wasn’t a remarkable read. However, it did hold my interest, made me crave more of it and held my attention. In doing just that, I have to find out where our characters are heading and what is going to happen next. 

So, if you like werewolf books, romance throw into the mix, with some mystery, you might enjoy Blood on the Moon.


  1. Like you, I am very hesitant when it comes to werewolf books. They just never seem to grab my attention. But I'm glad you enjoyed this one, even if it wasn't a "blow-your-mind-oh-my-gawd-this-book-is-amazing-I-shall-build-a-shrine-to-worship-is" kind of book as you put it. (That had me outright laughing btw.) And I must comment on your Twilight comment, because I 100% agree. It seems that every book is compared to it, and frankly its annoying. Anyway, great review, as always.

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. I love werewolves, I just wish I could find that one book that will take my breath away and remind me why I love reading about werewolves so much. I'm glad I enjoyed it too, even though it wasn't amazing, ya know..
      Ha ha *closes closet door* I totally don't actually build book shrines....... *bashful grin*

      I had to get off my chest about the whole, compare-everything-to-twilight thing... It is annoying!!! And at times, pisses me off...

      Thank you so much for reading my review! !You are a sweetheart!


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