Monday, September 24, 2012

Into the darkness they go, the Wise and the Lovely

Sunday was a very fun day for me, and why was it a fun day, well, thank you for asking :)
I actually had a photo shoot with the amazing duo Jessica and Ryan at Blackbird Photography. I have done photo shoots for them before, and I love working with them. They are so fun to work with.

Now, they had contacted me earlier in the week asking for me to be model in a shoot they really wanted to do, and I was beyond excited to do it. The ideas or what they had in mind sounded amazing, so I was really looking forward to this shoot!

Anyways, the idea behind, Into the darkness they go, the Wise and the Lovely, was in short, about two sisters, Katelyn and I, are lured into the woods by a man playing music. He represented a siren, calling out to us, trying to turn us, basically, into the darkness.

I am the sister who is able to not be tempted by the man, while my sister is. The man, Rocky, was able to draw Katelyn into the darkness. And that's pretty much the story.
The props in the shoot were an 18th century pump organ, a fiddle, a mandolin and a harmonica. I absolutely loved the organ!

I had so much fun doing the shoot with Katelyn and Rocky, they were fun to work with! And I hope I'll be able to do more shoots with Jessica and Ryan.

Okay, so that's the story of my Sunday, and here are some pictures for you guys! 
I hope you enjoy!

Into the darkness they go, the Wise and the Lovely


  1. OMG!! How amazing!! The pics look sooooo good!! It must be so awesome to get involved in a photo shoot like that!! Congrats Magen!!
    (Lucky that you are well again too :)

    1. Thank you!!! It was so much fun!
      And I am so happy I finally feel better!!

  2. Wow that is so great and these photos are absolutely gorgeous!!


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