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Review: Broken Fairytales (Broken Fairytales #1) by Monica Alexander

Title: Broken Fairytales
Series: Broken Fairytales, #1
Author: Monica Alexander
Category: Contemporary Romance
Genre: New Adult
Rating:  3.5 stars out of 5
Emily Cole thought her life was just about as close to a fairytale as it could get. She was on track to graduate from college with honors, had a job lined up in her field, and was about to get engaged to the perfect guy. Then one day she woke up and something just felt . . . off. All of sudden, she started questioning the life she’d worked so hard to achieve, wondering if she’d been aiming for the wrong goals all along because they were safe and easy.

Just when she feels like her life is starting to spiral out of control, her parents announce that they’ve arranged for an extended family vacation, and Emily finds herself set to leave everything behind for eight weeks at the beach. She soon realizes a little time away from her life might be just what she needs, especially time away from her seemingly perfect boyfriend, who for some reason doesn’t seem all that perfect anymore. What Emily doesn’t realize is that the summer holds more surprises than she ever expected, especially one named Zack, a seemingly bad boy, who’s like no one she’s ever met, who she can’t stop thinking about. 

As their worlds start to collide, Emily realizes that as different as they may seem on the outside, she and Zack actually have more in common than she ever thought. But being with Zack means taking a risk with an unknown outcome, something Emily hasn’t ever done before. So she has to ask herself, is taking a chance with Zack worth the risk, or is it better to play it safe like she’s always done? 

My Review: 

‘”‘Some might say I lived a charmed life, but I always liked to think of it as being planful, careful, and making good decisions. I wasn’t reckless and didn’t take risks, and that helped me to stay on course.’

Broken Fairytales was a very pleasant read.  If you love contemporary romances about a girl trying to discover who she is, and finds a love along the way, then I suggest you pick up this book.

Now, as you have noticed I did give the book a 3.5 stars out of 5 rating. Well, the main reason for that is whoever proofread this book, didn't do a good job! Or maybe it was the version on my nook, but I kept finding missing words. A the, or and or something of the such would be missing, making the sentence sound ridiculous. That was really annoying.

‘”You do realize fairytales are bullshit,  he said.”’

Emily is a girl who lives her life according to a well-drawn out plan. She would say she has a very comfortable, uneventful life. A caring boyfriend she plans to marry, best friend who understands and is always there for her, and a future career that is stable. Careful, calculated and causation. That is Emily. Her life will be a fairy tale  one she has planned out since she was a child.

However, when her family decides to spend a whole summer together at the beach, it throws Emily’s well laid out plans a skewed. But Emily’s first thoughts aren't about how she’s going to be missing her loving, caring, amazing boyfriend, Ben, no, she realizes this is a chance to get away. She knows having that thought isn't right, but Emily feels she needs an escape.

So the eight week vacation seems like a perfect way to think, clear her head because Emily hasn't been feeling like herself lately. She feels lost, which isn't according to her plans at all.

And while she’s at the beach, she definitely finds ways to clear her head and she happens to meet a guy. A guy that Emily just can’t get out of her head, this apparently bad boy Zack, might be a great distraction. A really great distraction. There’s only one problem. She has a boyfriend….

He had that bad boy look to him that screamed ‘danger’, but he hadn't seemed dangerous when he’d been talking to me. He’d seemed nice.’

Emily was an okay character, at first, I did find her a bit annoying. snotty, selfish and stiff. But when she decides she doesn't like who she is, that she wants to be true to not only herself but to everyone else, I really began to like her character. When she meets Zack, she realizes who she was isn't who she really is. She then slowly becomes someone she is proud of. And that made me proud of her, too.  

Then you have Zack, and I love Zack!!! I mean, he plays guitar. And I have a serious thing for guys that play guitar.. Hell, my husband plays. So, yeah, sexy! 

Zack is a very insightful character, a little bit arrogant at times. But he is very caring.
He randomly starts showing up and getting Emily to realize her life can be whatever she wants, she doesn't need a plan, she can take risks. And that’s what Zack helps her with. He shows her so many things, and I feel that teaches her  a lot, too. I also really enjoyed how Zack’s and Emily’s relationship builds. 

He smiled, and it lit up his eyes. I remembered how much I’d liked his smile when I first met him.’

I also enjoyed the side characters that Monica created. I found Rachel, Emily’s best friend, quite enjoyable. She’s that snarky character and I just love snarky characters!! And despite how Emily acts, Rachel is always there to support her. She’s a really good friend. I also loved Chase, Emily’s brother. Like Rachel, he’s a great character and one I loved reading about when he popped up.

Monica has a nice style of writing, however, some things were a bit predictable and I was able to figure things out beforehand. But the story, the characters and the plot were enjoyable. I found it a nice read, one I actually did in one sitting. I enjoyed that it’s about a girl who realizes she’s been doing what others want her to, not what she wants. Plus it’s a good girl meets bad boy story, and I just love those!

And as soon as I finished the first book, I immediately picked up the second one. I had to know where the story was going, especially after how Broken Fairytales ending!

All in all, Monica created a great book about self-discovery.
A tale of romance and finding love when you least expect it.
A book about how you should live for yourself, not for others.

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  1. ‘He had that bad boy look to him that screamed ‘danger’, but he hadn't seemed dangerous when he’d been talking to me. He’d seemed nice.’

    I AM SO READING THIS!!! I don't care if he is a bad boy or not.....LOL ;p This seems very interesting. I haven't heard of it before, but I am excited to see how it turns out! Plus, I really like the message behind the story "Live for yourself, not for others!" Very inspiring! I will definitely be checking this one out!

    Thanks for the brilliant review, Megan! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair 


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