Friday, October 19, 2012

Some Jude News: Big News from Nicole Williams

Need some more Jude Ryder?

It wasn't just a little while ago I got some big news, via twitter,  from an amazing book bloggy Friend Books Over Boys AND that news consists of Nicole Williams and her wonderful books CRASH and CLASH!! Well, it seems both those wonder books are now going to be in paperback! YES! Thanks to HarperCollins  I will be able to see this series in paperback, on shelves, and I'll be able to hold it in my hands!
Excuse me while I fan girl for a moment!!

However, that's not the only news! Oh no!! That was just the beginning!! 

*drum roll*

There will be a third book! That's right! A third book of Jude and Lucy! The third book will be entitled CRUSH and it will be coming to e-readers and bookstores! *faints* It also picks up where CLASH left off!! I hear it's going to be steamier and that the stakes are higher than ever for Jude and Lucy! Excuse while I just freak the eff out!! 

I am beyond, way beyond excited to have more of Jude and Lucy. Well, mostly Jude!!
Friggin' Jude Ryder people!!!!

Oh, and I can't forget that the books will be getting new covers!! I  absolutely love the old covers, and I feel they  go more with the story. But the new covers are so beautiful!!


The newly edited and revised HarperCollins ebook editions will be available on November 13th!!

Anyways, I hope you guys are as excited as I am! And of course you can jump on over to Nicole Williams blog and check out her post on the BIG news!! And don't forget Nicole will be posting updates, teasers and fun giveaways!!! Be still my beating heart!

I honestly still can't believe it! I am beyond freaking out! I must have all forms of this series!! I just cannot wait! *faints*


  1. *dances* this kinda made my day! Love the new covers but I will miss the old ones =[


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