Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ist IMM: Oh Dear Lord, I can't believe I did this

My very first video where I ramble on about books, fan girl, my country accent also makes an appearance and I just sound like an overall  idiot! 
I also have no idea what I'm doing guys so just bare with me!
I want to thank Teresa, Traci and Tara, you girls are amazing and Thank You!!!
Also, I am so tired, so I can't believe I made this! I was just excited by what I got in the mail!  




 Soul Screamers Vol. 2 : My Soul to Keep • Reaper • My Soul to Steal  

     Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms, #1)     The Darkest Minds

Goodreads Links:
Deity (Covenant, #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
Soul Screamers. Vol Two by Rachel Vincent
The Edge of Never by J.D. Redmerski

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Also, I haven't checked my email, been too tired, but I will get to it soon so if you have emailed me, a reply will be coming in a day or two! I'll also try and comment back on my other posts when I'm not so... eh.. about to pass out.. :) 


  1. Glad you're not a Zombie!! Lol!! What an IMM! I think I can tell that you are running on lack of sleep.... haha! Nice stack of books..... what swag too... so much!! Great ramble! I couldn't do it... Not making fun of you in my head either.... much!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. ha ha I can't believe I made this... I was so out of it!!! But thanks for trying not to make fun of me girl!! Ha ha :)

    2. I do my best!! Lol!! You crack me up!!

  2. Yay!!!! Welcome to the world of vlogging. It's weird and fun all at once isn't it lol. It was a fab vlog btw. You were adorable. So glad everything got there safely and that you are so excited over it. And I'm also glad you are enjoying My Soul To Keep. In my opinion this is where the series really starts to take all the major twists and turns. Oh yeah I am seething - yes seething- with jealousy over Falling Kingdoms. Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see what you think of it :)

    1. It was so weird and I was all over the place!But it was fun! I am definitely going to start doing more! I'm glad you were able to bare watching it!!! :D And yes, I am enjoying My Soul to Keep, but I can't wait to get farther in the series!! XD

    2. Oh yay! I did one vlog cause I was excited over a book and then I just got hooked on them! I actually find them easier than doing a book haul post where I have to link up a bunch of pics and stuff! ANd I cant wait for you to get farther in the series either! I need my rambling buddy!

    3. It is so much easier!!! I'm probably going to start doing them every now and then!!! :)
      And yes, I'll be hear to ramble with!!! XD

  3. This was an adorable. I think I would have the same reactions if I did an IMM vid (I'm a bit chicken and haven't gone there yet, haha). So congrats. You did fab!

    Congrats on your wins and The Edge of Never is awesome.

    Love how glossy the cover of Deity is.

    1. I meant to say -> 'this was adorable'

      Mind is working slow today LOL.

    2. Thank you!! I was always a bit nervous and apprehensive about making one, but I was so tired I didn't even care!!! So thank you for watching this horrible video!!! XD And I am so excited to start all the books I got!!
      And Deity is soooo pretty!!!

      It's okay, my mind was very slow when I filmed, so I know how you feel!! :D

      Thanks for stopping by girl *hugs*

  4. Your JLA ranting and everything. I oved this video! Keep 'em coming! I love talking about books with people, or just listening to people talk about books.

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog


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