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30 Days Meme for December 2012: Day 8 - Most Overrated Book

30 Days Book Meme for December 2012

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This was a little something I am going to try to do, the 30 Days of Christmas Meme. It's a meme where you  answer a question each day of December! The questions can be found at  The Indie Exchange. I probably won't be able to do a post everyday, but I am going to try!! I making it a 30 Days Challenge for myself! 


Day 08Most overrated book:

Okay, don't hate me guys. I know what you are thinking, Twilight, really?? Yes, I feel the Twilight series is a bit overrated. Don't get me wrong, I do like the Twilight series, I read it, I even own the books. But in my opinion. It is a bit overrated.  Again, this is all personal opinion, like in my last post Most underrated book. Stephanie is a good author. She can definitely write, but I feel there is too much loving going on for this book. I do remember when I first read it, years back, I thought it was wonderful. But then I started thinking about it, and re-read it. It wasn't that amazing the second time and there were things that I didn't enjoy about it anymore. Then the franchise hit, I feel, maybe, that is what killed it for me. So, I'm sorry to all you Twilight lovers out there, hope you still love me!



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  1. I'm loving this 30 days Thingie. I remember loving Twilight and reading it like 10 times haha but I get what your saying. There is so much crazy around it lol.

    1. There is, it drives me a little batty :) *cackles*


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