Friday, December 14, 2012

Quote of the Week #19: Easy by Tammara Webber

Quote of the week is a weekly bookish post.
Each Friday, I will pick one of my favorite quotes from a book I have read or  am currently reading to share with you, my wonderful readers!!

Quote of the Week:


So, this week I am taking  quotes from Easy by Tammara Webber. I love this book! It was such a sweet read. Love can be beautiful and worth everything you face.

So, I chose two quotes, short but both with beautiful meanings.


“Love is not the absence of logic
but logic examined and recalculated
heated and curved to fit
inside the contours of the heart”

“As for being somewhere you're not supposed to be--Maybe you're here for a reason, or there is no reason.”



  1. Magen! I love the makeover! So lovely! I gotta remember to update my blogroll with that pretty new button of yours! Did you make the header yourself? Its so purdy! Anyhoo- love the quotes you picked. You know how much I loved this book and dear lord that picture! It really is like straight out that book! Gah I love it! I think I'll go stare at the picture some more...

    1. *hugs* THANK YOU!!! I can't stop looking at it :)

      I bought the paper back for Easy, already have the ebook version, and I was swept up in how much I loved it when I read it! So, I just had to do my quote of the week from this fabulous book!! It was very hard picking, too!!!!

    2. I'm back just so I can stare at that picture bahahahahaha

    3. I really dont know how you put up with me...

  2. You picked great quotes, yet again! Love these ones, loved this book, love this picture! Love, love, love!!

    1. Thank you so much Ali :D Ahhhh!!! So much love!!! I love it!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAA

  3. Wow. What a quote. I bought this for my kindle a while ago and can't wait to read it. Love that you said it was a sweet read. Yay.

    1. Oooh I can't wait for you to read it!!! It's so good!!! :D


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