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Review: ETHAN ( Brightest Kind of Darkness Novella Prequel, #0.5) by P.T. Michelle

Title: Ethan
Series: Brightest Kind of Darkness, #0.5
Author: P.T. Michelle
Category: Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Romance
Genre: Mature Young Adult
Rating: 5 stars out of 5
*ARC was received from author in exchange for a fair and honest review*
Ethan Harris never thought monsters and darkness would consume his daily thoughts, but every night the same visions repeat in his dreams. He’s careful to project a semblance of normalcy, keeping the suffocating darkness locked inside. As much as he wishes he could focus on girls, sports, and cars like other seventeen-year-olds; nothing distracts him from his own demons or shines through.

Until Nara Collins crosses his path. The blonde fascinates and intrigues him, giving him a measure of peace he’s never felt before.

When Ethan discovers there’s more to Nara than she allows others to see, that she might have a unique secret of her own, suddenly his world comes into focus.
                                                                                                                                                  Note: Ethan is a novella PREQUEL to Brightest Kind of Darkness. This story will give some of Ethan’s background and lead up until the day he tells Nara there’s a bomb in the school.

My Review:

ETHAN was amazing! How can I put into words how much I just loved reading about Ethan? It's hard! It really is! This was a novella worth the wait. It placed me right into Ethan's world, giving me a glimpse into a character I just love. And boy, did I enjoy being in Ethan's head! 

What I just loved most is that Ethan is a wonderful character, he really is. In LUCID you didn’t get to seem him a lot at all. Which was very sad, so, the novella, in a way, quenched my thirst for some more Ethan. If you know what I mean!! Anyways, this novella shows and proves just what an amazing guy he is. We get to see his many sides, and who he was before he met Nara, and just how much she really did ‘save’ him in a way.

She’s the bright light shining in my periphery, edging out the creeping darkness.
ETHAN takes place right before he starts at Nara’s school. Ethan is trying hard to adjust, and the keep his ‘nightmares’ at bay. But nothing seems to work. With his parents still being people who give him the cold shoulder, and his brother, Samson, trying to help but not really understanding, Ethan feels like he is all on his own. He tries and finds ways to keep the ‘voices’ away, some things seem to help, but only temporarily. And let's not forget the very strange things that begin to happen to him, which puts Ethan on the edge.

 However, when Ethan does finally starts school, there he notices a girl who for some reason quiets the voices that haunt his every step. She makes his darkness disappear, if only for a while. Intrigued, Ethan begins noticing Nara more and more, but as he watches her, he also notices something is different. Nara isn’t what she seems. And he wants nothing more to get to know her, and for her to know him, the real him.
She’s sweetness sitting on the tip of my tongue, waiting for me to swallow.
If you haven’t started P.T. Michelle’s BKoD series, I think you should at least give it a try! She created this world filled with mystery, depth, emotion, wonder characters and a world that is beyond belief. It has become a series I just adore!!

P.T. Michelle did wonderful, and this is a great novella for the series. It allows the readers and fans to see and experience more of the BKoD series. To get a greater understanding of the world Michelle created. It's a world I love getting lost in. It is also helping me with the wait for DESTINY! Which I am even more excited about now!

ETHAN was nicely paced, with simple but wonderful detail, and it gives insight into the brilliant and amazing character, Ethan. I experienced every emotion he did, seen everything he did, and came to understand him even more. I also did some major fan-girling :)

If you are a fan of this series, pick up this novella as soon as you can!!! 


About the Author:

P.T. Michelle is author of the young adult series BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. She keeps a spiral notepad with her at all times, even on her nightstand. When P.T. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd in nature.


  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review of ETHAN, Magen! I'm thrilled you loved it!

  2. Ahhh cannot wait to get started on this. Most likely tomorrow. I'm super super excited for som Ethan!

    1. Hey blogger way to cut off my comment. Next I wanted to say what a fab review this is and that your passion for this series really shines through. Thank you for introducing me to this series.

  3. Oh Magen I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed ETHAN! I love the BKoD series and I love Ethan! Thank you so much for this Awesome review! Can't wait read this novella and get inside Ethan's head! :)

  4. AHHHH!! I have heard so much about this series and how fabulous it is and I just can't wait to finally read it! It sounds amazing and I love the idea behind it. It seems to have everything I love to read about (emotion, romance, mystery...) so super excited!

    And woud you look at that cover!!!!!!! HE HAS A TATTOO ON HIS ARM!!!! (I'm a complete sucker for tatts on arms. lol ;p) Love the cover! :D

    Fantastic review, Magen! Glad you enjoyed this!

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair


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