Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Recap #9

Sorry guys! No video this week, my life is so crazy right now. 
Between school and personal life, I feel like I'm losing my mind! 
But even though I didn't do a vlog, I still wanted  to share the books I got!!
I'm so excited about each one, and can't wait to start them! 



  1. I just finished With All My Soul and I have so many feelings! Cannot wait to see what you think of it! I too got The Collector and I cannot wait to read it and FINALLY meet Dante! I am going to start Walking Disaster finally now that I have survived busy season and I have reading time again. Runes sounds good too, I really like her other books and this Torin St James sounds delish!

    Great haul Magen! Happy reading!

    1. Oh, I really loved Walking Disaster!! I can't wait for you to read it! And OHMERGAWD! I just started With All My Soul... I can tell it's going to be awesome!!! Yeah, I'm going to be in my reading cave *not to be seen* since I actually don't have a lot of work to do for spring break!!! I need to catch up on my reading!!!!! XD

  2. I really need to start reading the Soul Screamers series, especially now all the books have been released! The Collector looks really good, so I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading. :)

    1. I really love the Soul Screamers series, especially after the 4th book, I believe, It gets awesome!!

      Thanks for stopping by :D

  3. I picked up The Collector and am excited to get started though I've heard Dante is a bit much. :(


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