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Review: CRUSH (CRASH, #3) by Nicole Williams

Title: Craush
Series: Crash, #1
Author: Nicole Williams
Category: Contemporary Romance
Genre: New Adult
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Football glory. A giant diamond. A wandering eye.

Jude and Lucy are happily engaged . . . but that doesn't mean life's a bed of roses.

Once again, Jude and Lucy are torn apart by football training and a summer job that creates new tensions. This time Jude's the one with trust issues. Will Lucy's life-changing news bring them back together or end their relationship for good? Can love triumph forever?

My Review:

Having a series come to end such as Crash is always so heartbreaking in its own way. Reading that last page, closing the book, it’s almost like watching a friend change, grow and then say goodbye right in front of your eyes. It’s a very bittersweet, happy but sad moment. A moment I both love, and hate.  Reading that last page, that last paragraph, that last sentence of Crush brought all these jumble of emotions; happy, exultant, and  jubilation but also sad, heartbreaking, and tear-jerking.

I have been on every step of Lucy and Jude’s wild journey. Ever bump in the road, every heartbreak, and every joyous moment. Ever tear; every smile.  I have been there to see them in their best moments and their worst events. I have lived the story that is Jude and Lucy. And I have loved every second of it. So, to see the series come to a close, I have both pride and nostalgic in my heart for this book; for these characters.

Jude always caught up with me. Sometimes he gave me a head start, but he never let me get too far.

Just like in the first two books, Crush was a wild ride.  Jude and Lucy’s love has never been easy, and they know it never will be. But what makes them great characters in my eye is the fact they will not give up on each other, no matter what odds are stacked against them. They fight for each other. Now, though Crush is just as amazing as the first two books, I felt it also brought more to the table.

It’s Jude who’s now having the doubts, the insecurities this time. With so much change happening for both him and Lucy, keeping their relationship strong is a fight. A fight both are working hard for; however, doubt keeps popping up in the back of Jude’s head.  The change both Lucy and Jude face make them not only characters in a book, but real characters in my mind. And with the obstacles they face; they really do shine through in the end.

Lucy has grown so much in this book; I really got to see the depth of it. I've also come to like her character in Crush! Jude has also ‘cooled’ down quite a bit, too. Both have come to grow together and they can also work so well together, too. It’s amazing and wonderful to see who they have become now.  Though it wasn't an easy journey for them; it made me so proud to see the characters they became at the end of the book.

He was oozing that notorious Jude Ryder ego when I leaned back. He knew what he did to me. And he loved it.

Not only are Lucy and Jude, once again, amazing but so are the other wonderful characters that Nicole created. Holly and Little Jude, oh how I love LJ!! That boy had me smiling everything time he appeared. Also India is back, along with Thomas and a new character. However, not only do Jude and Lucy have a challenge to face, but also some of the other characters as well. I’m really proud of them all.   

Nicole also gives some really sexy, hot and steamy scenes that can make the reader's toes curl and need a nice tall glass of ice cold water.  Nicole’s pacing and story-telling is just amazing, like in the other books. I was able to be engaged into the world she created.  Engaged with each and every character; every event that took place.

Than that ending! It was just, in my eyes, perfect!! I loved it! I had tears, actual tears, flowing down my face by the last sentence. I feel Nicole did a great job bringing the story to a close, wrapping it up.

“Better make it a good one.” 

Crush was not a wild roller-coaster of emotion like Crash or Clash, but it still will have your emotions all over the place. I’m so happy to see the growth of both Jude and Lucy's characters. It’s made the journey of this series all the more remarkable.  I can say without a doubt, I love this series and it will always stay close to my heart. Jude and Lucy have their own special place within my heart, and I will always re-read their story, their journey.

I've thought of all the ways he’d gotten me to a yes. That first day at the beach, when I’d known he wasn't good for me but couldn't stay away. That morning at my locker, when he’d gotten me to say yes to going to Homecoming with him. His proposal at the fifty-yard line in front of fifty thousand fans. And finally, at the alter becoming his wife, when I couldn't say yes fast enough.


  1. I need to read this, but I'm in denial. I refuse to say goodbye to these characters! So I havent read it yet. But your review has me really really really excited to start it. I'll get my courage up soon! Amazing review.... possibly your best yet!

    1. Think of it as not goodbye just see ya later :D But I know how you feel, I didn't want to see it end either!!

  2. OMG!! I so need to read this.... I know you keep pushing me... One day, I promise!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  3. OK, prepare for devastating news! I still need to read book two! *hides* I know, I know, I totally suck! I wasn't a huge Lucy fan, but I loved their chemistry and I'm glad to see that they've both grown!
    You've certainly piqued my interests for their ending, I wanna read it just to get all McGushy along with you!
    Great review, honey! Hope you're doing super well! =D

    1. Oh, Lucy gets betters!! And their chemistry is just hot! Ha ha
      Thank you for stopping by girl!!

  4. Thanks for this great review. I really need to read more contemporary romances. I will check out this series.


    1. I love contem. romance books; can't seem to get enough of them :D Hopefully you'll like this series

  5. The wild ride sounds amazing. I need to start this series soon beause have heard such good things

    1. You should definitely give it a try!!!

  6. Great review! You totally introduced me to this series and I can't wait to read book 3 soon. I love this series. I'm kind of relieved but also a bit sad at the same time to hear this one isn't as much of a emotional rollercoaster. I can't wait to read how it ends!

    1. Thank you! And YAY!!! I'm glad you gave the series a try and loved it!! I think you'll really enjoy the third book!


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