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Review: Frigid by J. Lynn

Title: Frigid
Author: J. Lynn/ Jennifer L. Armentrout
Category: Contemporary Romance
Genre: New Adult
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
*ARC received in exchange for a fair and honest review*
For twenty-one-year-old Sydney, being in love with Kyler isn't anything new. They'd been best friends ever since he pushed her down on the playground and she made him eat a mud pie. Somewhere over the years, she fell for him and fell hard. The big problem with that? Kyler puts the 'man' in man-whore. He's never stayed with a girl longer than a few nights, and with it being their last year in college, Syd doesn't want to risk their friendship by declaring her love.

Kyler has always put Syd on a pedestal that was too high for him to reach. To him, she's perfect and she's everything. But the feelings he has for her, he's always hidden away or focused on any other female. After all, Kyler will always be the poor boy from the wrong side of tracks, and Syd will always be the one girl he can never have.

But when they're stranded together at a posh ski resort due to a massive Nor'easter, there's nothing stopping their red-hot feelings for each other from coming to the surface. Can their friendship survive the attraction? Better yet, can they survive at all? Because as the snow falls, someone is stalking them, and this ski trip may be a life-changer in more ways than one.

*Mature: 17+*

Expected Publication: July 30th 2013 by Spencer Hill Contemporary

My Thoughts

Holy freaking monkey balls! Jennifer L. Armentrout is a whirlwind of awesome. Again, I thought her last book couldn’t be surpassed, and then I got my hands on Frigid. Let’s just say, WOW. And oh my Kyler! I mean, really, can Jennifer write. She writes like she invented writing!  And I can’t thank her enough for creating another amazing book and for giving us another totally crushable book boy! 

Writing amazing male characters isn’t her only talent. Jennifer can tell a story like no one’s business, and Frigid was a wonderful story filled with everything awesome. Suspense, love, heartbreak, thrill, adventure and swoon. Frigid had all of that and so much more.  It was also something I didn't expect, at all. Not only was it a romance, but a mystery and a suspenseful story all wrapped up in a wonderful package (which has a very nice looking half-naked guy on it*wink,wink*).
Once those words left my mouth, I knew it was the thing to say. There was no doubt in my mind. 
Sydney is a character I couldn't help but love and also sympathize with.  And she’s short. I love when I get a book and the main female is like 5’1! Anyways, Sydney is cocky, spunky and a character who I loved reading in her POV.  She’s also a book nerd! (Props for Jen for that book reference, I totally loved that and couldn't stop laughing) Sydney, to me, was a wonderful character.  I definitely saw character growth in her; she became more confident in herself. I really enjoyed reading about her and what she overcomes. 

Let’s talk about Kyler. I loved this boy. Yeah, he’s not perfect, but there was something about him that really drew me into his character (it was the swoon worthy looks, not going to lie). He is a great character, though he is a bit of a man-whore. I really enjoyed Kyler and Sydney’s friendship, and especially how they became friends.  And he definitely is a great friend to Syd. And, like Sydney, he showed amazing character development!
It was the coldest and hottest shower I'd ever had. 
The book also switches POV’s between Kyler and Sydney. And I loved, absolutely loved that! Being able to see everything through both character’s eyes made the story really come full circle. It also allowed me to understand both characters and why they did what they did and why they felt so strongly for each other. The dialogue between them was also exhilarating and entertaining. Jennifer did a good job at creating characters that really balance each other out, and made them feel real.

Sydney definitely had some conflicting emotions about her situation, then when she and Kyler get snowed in at the camp, things for her just get more complicated. However, being trapped with Kyler soon becomes less of a problem when weird things start happening and it seemed as if someone is out to get them. The story really gets interesting then and I enjoyed how Jennifer played it all out. She gave the story a really interesting twist that had me flipping the pages like crazy.

The other characters were also enjoyable, although they didn’t make a lot of appearances. Jennifer created a good cast of characters the fit so naturally with the story.
"Say it again," I pleaded.
Frigid has everything in it, everything that makes a book unforgettable. I was swooning, cheering for the characters, on the edge of my seat when things took a turn for the worse, breath trapped in my throat, heart pounding, I  even shed a few tears. Oh, and let’s not forget those really hot scenes!!! I did not want this book to end. So, you are an OLDER fan of Jennifer’s, or if you want a good romance with a twist to it, I really encourage you to pick up Frigid


  1. Awesome review Magen! I totes agree with you on everything. I also loved that she referenced her own book. So awesome! Glad you enjoyed Kyler! *muggle huggles*

    1. :D *huggles* Oh, I really enjoyed Kyler ;]

  2. I need to read this soon, I love Jennifer's storytelling and characters and sounds like she did it again!

  3. Great review Magen! I do love everything JLA and I know this will be no exception! After reading the first 3 chapters I was already completely hooked! I can't wait!

    1. Thank you Jessica!! JLA is just amazing, this book is no exception!

  4. I have to agree with everyone, great review.

    I have not heard of this book before, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    1. You are so welcome :D Definitely have to give it a try!

  5. Great review! I'm so happy you loved this one as well! I also loved that Sydney was a book nerd. Then omg Kyler <3 I just absolutely loved this book and the way JLA developed these characters and the relationship. Bring on the next JLA book! :)

    1. Thank you, Traci!! Cannot wait for her next books!!

  6. I'm becoming quite a fan of dual POV and let's be honest...I've always been a bit of a fan of a good man whore. ;) Can't wait to meet these characters myself! Wonderful review doll.

    1. I like a good ol' man whore, too :D haha

  7. I really loved Syd, she was so relatable and hilarious. Kyler is so dreamy. I really fell for this book, as with all JLA books, lol. Great review!

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