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Review: The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram

Title: The Avery Shaw Experiment
Author: Kelly Oram
Category: Contemporary Romance
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
When Avery Shaw’s heart is shattered by her life-long best friend, she chooses to deal with it the only way she knows how—scientifically.

The state science fair is coming up and Avery decides to use her broken heart as the topic of her experiment. She’s going to find the cure. By forcing herself to experience the seven stages of grief through a series of social tests, she believes she will be able to get over Aiden Kennedy and make herself ready to love again. But she can’t do this experiment alone, and her partner (ex partner!) is the one who broke her heart.

Avery finds the solution to her troubles in the form of Aiden’s older brother Grayson. The gorgeous womanizer is about to be kicked off the school basketball team for failing physics. He’s in need of a good tutor and some serious extra credit. But when Avery recruits the lovable Grayson to be her “objective outside observer,” she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for, because Grayson has a theory of his own: Avery doesn’t need to grieve. She needs to live. And if there’s one thing Grayson Kennedy is good at, it’s living life to the fullest.

My Review:

What can I say about this book? Well, it was just a cute and sweet read all around. It became a prefect break book. A book you want read when you need a breather from the heavier kind of books. That is exactly what I was looking for when I picked up this book, and it was such a fun read. I've read Kelly’s book, Being Jamie Baker, so I was excited to start The Avery Shaw Experiment.  It was different from her other book, but still had those Oram qualities that I just loved in Being Jamie Baker.  It’s her fun, humorous, and quirky writing style that just pulls me in.
I always looked at her as sort of a pesky little sister, but that all changed the day my brother dumped her. Why, you ask? Let me put it this way: When a girl lets you be the one to hold her as her entire world falls apart, even though you're ass naked, it changes the way you see her.
I really enjoyed everything about this book. The cute, amazing main character, Avery, has been crushing on her best friend, Aiden, since forever. They have literally been together since they were babies and have been inseparable since. So, when Avery gets some unexpected news from Aiden that really turns her world upside down she sets out to do an experiment. How to fix her  broken heart.

Avery was a fun character to read about, and going through her situation, and everything she experiences was a fun ride. Even though she was very blind and na├»ve about some things, I found her enjoyable and sweet. But after everything goes down with Aiden, she did finally show that she is more than meets the eye, she showed everyone she was much stronger than she appears. That’s when I really liked her character. 

Grayson! I loved him. He’s Aiden’s older brother and when Avery gets hurt, he becomes that steady rock she needs. They enter each other’s worlds, which are completely different. Avery is the geek and Grayson is the jock. They never really were close, but when he decides to help Avery with her experiment they realize they have much more in common. Grayson was just a joy to read. He’s a ladies man, and he knows it, but he’s a good guy. That definitely showed when he stuck up for Avery and then when he slowly becomes a good friend to her. 

Now I never did like Aiden, I could tell he was a pooh-pooh head from the moment I read about him. He did some really low stuff, and I just couldn't see why Avery kept defending him. But in the end, he did turn out to be decent. The other characters I also enjoyed. Avery’s mom and Grayson’s mom were fun to read about, along with Avery’s geek friends! Especially Libby!! That girl had me cracking up!

I loved the experiment that Avery and Grayson start, which also brings them closer. The book also switches POVs between Grayson and Avery; it was awesome getting inside both of their heads. It was really fun watching them fall for each other. The only thing I didn't really enjoy was the very typical click groups. Jocks are popular and just can’t be seen with geeks and geeks never associate with jocks. Very Madtv teen drama there. But Kelly did make it sweet, there wasn't really a ‘bad’ character or villain. And her writing style just pulls me in. It’s very perfect for the YA genre.
I wanted him to kiss me. With every fiber of my being I wanted his mouth on mine. I ached for it.
The Avery Shaw Experiment was a joy to read. Prefect summer read. Especially when you need a break from heavier, angsty kind of books.  It was cute, sweet and so very fun!!


  1. Awwww... sounds like a great read Jock meets geek!! Love it! Books with these type of characters are always fun to me! Bwahahaha! Pooh-pooh head!!! You crack me up Magen!! I like both POV's like this too.... nice to know what they are both thinking! Fabulous review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. pooh-pooh head---> Magen I love you! If I didnt love you already, I would love you for choosing those words to describe Aiden. I dont know this Aiden but I agree with you! Anyhoo, this sounds like such a cute read. I love cute reads! I'll have to keep it in mind for when I need something fun! Awesome review!

  3. Hahaha! I died when you said pooh-pooh head! Magen, you crack me up! I have been wanting to read this one for awhile and I even bought it! But of course- I haven't gotten to it yet! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Great review girl!

  4. Oh, that's so great that you enjoyed this one so much. I have this book on my wish list and can't wait to read it.


  5. This sounds like an adorable read. The cover throws me, it really does nothing for me and I probably would have skipped over it. (I know, don't judge a book by its cover... :P) But, your review has me wanting to jump right into it. Who can pass up a geeky heroine and a hot boy? Not me.

    1. yeah the cover doesn't really jump out at you and the only reason I read it was because of the author. She's a really great author!! If it was by an unknown author to me, might not of picked it up :p heehee


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