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Review: Sentinel (Covenant, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Sentinel
Series: Covenant #5
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Category: Young Adult 16+
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy
Rating: 5  stars out of 5
It's a beautiful day for a war.

As the mortal world slowly slips into chaos of the godly kind, Alexandria Andros must overcome a stunning defeat that has left her shaken and in doubt of their ability to end this war once and for all.

And with all the obstacles between Alex and her happily-ever-after with the swoonworthy Aiden St. Delphi, they must now trust a deadly foe as they travel deep into the Underworld to release one of the most dangerous gods of all time.

In the stunning, action-packed climax to the bestselling Covenant series, Alex must face a terrible choice: the destruction of everything and everyone she holds dear… or the end of herself.

My Thoughts 

I don’t even know what to say, or write, about this book. About how much I have adored this series, how I have come to love it, and just how amazing the final book in the series was. I really can’t put my love for it into words. I can, however, say that it was a book worthy of drawing the series to a close, and it was everything I was expecting yet not.

Sentinel was beyond amazing and everything I hoped and more. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down. Jennifer done a wonderful job at tying up all loose ends, shedding light on mysteries, blowing my socks off, and  bringing the series to a end. I experience so much reading Sentinel.

Alex is indeed the symbol of strength. Throughout the entire series, this girl has shown me that she has true strength. She, in a way, taught me that everyone has an unbreakable strength within the core of them. Alex has always been one of my favorite heroines, strong, determined, stubborn, and a fighter. To see how far she has come from the first book to now, was beyond a doubt, wonderful. She really went through hell in her journey, but when I read the last sentence in Sentinel, I knew Alex got the ending she deserved.

Aiden, to me, is the symbol of love. And boy, does he have a heart of love. I have adored, and crushed, on Aiden since the moment he appeared in the series. He swooned me, and made me melt into a gooey mess multiple times. He really is the perfect man for Alex. They bring out the best in each other, the perfect balance. And like Alex, Aiden has grown so much. And to see how far he has come since Half-Blood, it makes me realize what an amazing character he is.  His love for Alex literally seeps off the pages of the book, and I can feel that love so strongly. And the ending he got, perfect.

Seth is the symbol of redemption. Though from the very start, I have not liked his character. He annoyed the every loving crap out of me; I can now say I do admire him.  Yes, he has his douche moments throughout the series, but  he has also earned my respect. He does some amazing things within Sentinel, things I did not expect at all, but was very happy to see. His growth, personal and emotional, really shows through at the end.

Now, there are so many wonderful characters in this book. It is filled with some I love and some I like. They compliant the story and the main characters so well. I’m so glad I got to meet so many characters, Gods, pures, and half-bloods alike. Now, I cannot go without mentioning Deacon, who I wish I could carry around in my pocket. He is one character I know I will forever adore.

The love aspect in this book is endearing. Beautiful, intense, heartfelt, and very gripping. It not only tests the characters, Aiden and Alex, but it tested me as well. I could feel the love they have for each other. And that was an amazing thing to experience.
I love you. I'm in love with you. Forever and ever, and all the corny things I can attach to that. 
The book flows nicely, and the pacing was done just right. I wasn't expecting that ending for the book, but it was a ending that all the characters deserved. I LOVED it!! So much happens, so many adventures, battles, and moments that really made this a great adventure of a read. The building for the climax, though not extremely intense, still was wonderfully written. And of course  Jennifer’s writing is so addictive to me. She clearly, and vividly, paints the world, the characters, and the setting of her stories well.

As I mentioned, I experienced so many emotions reading this book. Fear, wonder, heartbreak, joy, and pure happiness. I loved every second of it.

It is always so bittersweet seeing a series you adore, fell in love with, and become so attached to, come to an end. But, in a way, the story isn't really over because I know I will pick this series up and read it again and again. I will once again experience the emotions, the wonder, and the love. The Covenant series is a series I will always adore, and keep close to my heart.

Sentinel was a great ending to a wonderful series. And it was one hell of a journey! I enjoyed every second, and every emotion; I enjoyed everything about this book.

Alex taught me everyone has true strength buried within them. Aiden showed me that love is the most powerful of emotions. And Seth showed me that anyone can be redeemed.


  1. Sounds like a great series. I will check it out. Thanks for your great review. I am happy that you enjoyed these books so much.

  2. I hate that I had to say goodbye to this series, but I could not have asked for any better ending to the story. It was just done so well and just perfect. I loved it so much! And YAY for Deacon! I love that boy and want to squish him. Beautiful review Magen! *muggle huggles*

  3. I just skimmed because I am about to start this one, so glad to hear it is amazing.

  4. Such a great review for fab book!

  5. A great review for a fab book!

  6. Wow, Magen. This review was absolutely beautiful. You have such a way with words that I am literally dying to read this! That last quote? Amazingness. I am so glad it lived up to your expectations and you were happy by the end of this. <3

  7. Oooo, I'm just starting this series so I'm only skimming, but I'll be back to fully read this review when I'm all caught up. I love the quotes -- *swoon* -- and the cover is so pretty!

    1. Oh, I hope you really enjoy the series!

  8. Awww... I love your review... And this paragraph had me all gooey

    As I mentioned, I experienced so many emotions reading this book. Fear, wonder, heartbreak, joy, and pure happiness. I loved every second of it.

    I need to stop putting it off and get this series!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  9. I'm almost done with this book and this review just about brought me to tears. I can not wait to finish it! (Yet I'm reluctant to let go at the same time)

    Thanks for the awesome reviews! I love your blog :)

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