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25 Days of Book Boyfriends: Ethan Harris ~ Interview and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the 25 Days of Book Boyfriends hosted by Readers Live A Thousand Lives, Lovin Los Libros, and Starbucks & Books Obsession.  

Thanks for stopping by my stop on 25 Days of Book Boyfriends Tour! Today I have a special guest, Ethan Harris from the Brightest Kind of Darkness series. Ethan is one hunk of a guy and stole my heart from the moment he appeared! Keep reading to find my personal interview with Ethan and a few unknown facts about him! He really is one wonderful book boyfriend!

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My Interview with the swoony Ethan : 
Ethan pushes off his black Mustang’s car door, his broad frame blocking the morning sunlight as Magen gets out of her car.

"Thanks for meeting me here for the interview, Magen.” Tugging his hands from his jean pockets, he holds the cafe’s door for her.

“I thought we’d meet here, since it’s not far from where I need to pick up Nara’s Christmas gift. And, if you’re anything like my girlfriend when it comes to coffee, it’ll quickly become a favorite place too.”

Magen glances at the steaming cappuccino logo on the Brick Cafe’s huge picture window and grins as she walks inside. “Are you kidding me? It’s morning and there’s coffee. ‘Nuff said.”

Ethan chuckles and pulls a chair out for her at a table next to the window. “I suppose.”

Unbuttoning her coat, she sits down. “Awww, such a gentleman.”

Pushing his black Henley shirt sleeves back, he waves to the waitress before he takes a seat across from her. “What? I don’t look like the gentlemanly type?”

Magen’s gaze shifts from his serious expression to the dragon tattoo that snakes up his left forearm, and then to infinity yin-yang raven tattoo along his right wrist. “Well, you’re definitely an edgier version.” A wide smile spreads across her face.

“In a good way, of course.”

Ethan starts to speak, but waits until the waitress takes Magen’s order. As the girl walks away, he says, “I might come across intense and on-edge, but I’m a very traditional guy when it counts.”

Magen’s gaze tracks after the retreating waitress, then back to him, her brow furrowed. “Wait? You’re not getting any?” “I don’t drink coffee.”

“Really?” Her blonde eyebrows shoot up. “What wakes you up in the mornings?”

“You mean other than the nightmares I have every night?” A slight smirk. “I guess you could say adrenaline gets me going every morning.”

“Er, good point.” Clearing her throat, she tucks a strand of long blond hair behind her ear. “But at least now you know why you have them. That has to be a relief.”

Ethan runs a hand through his short dark hair and nods. “There is that.” Once the waitress sets Magen’s latte down in front of her, Ethan puts some cash on top of the bill she’d left behind.

“You don’t have to do that,” Magen starts to say, but by the stubborn look on Ethan’s face, she realizes arguing with him will be pointless. Instead, she thanks him as she thinks about how he’d held the door for her and her chair too. “You really are very traditional.”

Ethan nods and gives a wry half-smile. “Even down to the fact I only know how to cook one thing well.”

Magen takes a sip of her latte. “Yeah, what’s that?”



“Yep, I make a mean omelet.”

Magen giggles. “Good to know. Have you made Nara an omelet yet?”

“Nope. Haven’t had a chance to, but one day I’ll share my omelet awesomeness with her.”

“You two really are wonderful together. I’m glad you both finally figured that out. Would Nara be surprised to learn you can cook an omelet?"

He snorts in amusement. “Probably. There are still some things she doesn’t know about me.”

Magen’s eyes turn expressive behind her cup as she takes another sip. “And I’m sure there are things you don’t know about her too.”

His brows pull together for a brief second, then settle. “Maybe, but I guess that’s what being in a relationship is all about, discovering new things about each other.”

“Oh, I agree. So what’s something else Nara doesn’t know about you?”

Teasing flickers in his blue eyes. “Let’s just say there's some ink she hasn’t discovered on me yet.”

Magen’s face lights up. “You have a tattoo she hasn’t seen?”

“You could say that,” he says, his lips lifting in a secret smile.

Barely containing her squeal of delight, she leans across the table and whispers, “What is it? Where is it?”

Ethan shakes his head. “That’s for Nara to discover. I’m looking forward to the day she does.”

Slightly disappointed, Magen leans back in her seat with a resigned sigh. “I knew you weren’t going to tell.” Setting her cup on the table, she slowly turns it between her fingers. “So what’d you get Nara for Christmas?"

Ethan leans forward a bit, excited. “It took some time to decide on the perfect gift, but I’m glad I finally did.”

Magen spins her hand in a circle. “And? What are you getting her?”

He chuckles. “You’ll find out when she opens it.”

Pouting, she huffs, “You’re a terrible tease.”

Ethan smiles broadly, casting her a pleased, sinful look. “We all have to be good at something.”

Magen’s stomach bottoms out. She’d heard about Ethan’s bone-melting smile, but hadn’t prepared herself for it. “Ummm.” She shakes her head to slow her thumping heart and re-engage her brain.

“Is there anything else you’d like to share with the people who’ll be reading this interview later?”

“Just that you’ll want to stay tuned. Nara and I…” He pauses and glances out the window. Slight worry lines crease his brow, but the deep love shining in his gaze is all she can see.

“We’ve been through a lot and my gut’s telling me we’ll have new challenges ahead, but this time around…whatever's coming, we’ll face it together."

Randoms Facts about Ethan: 

Southern Rock
Ginger Ale
Nutella and Peanut Butter mixed

Music/Guitar, Apparently also singing, but I prefer not to
Sword play  Ha!
Finding ways to be alone with Nara

Not particularly good at:
Sitting still
Waiting (see patience and sitting still above)
Sleeping well




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  1. OMG Magen! Ok, I definitely want to read these now! I MUST meet this yummy Ethan! I loved the interview girl! He definitely sounds like a book boyfriend worth meeting! Thanks for being awesome and doing the tour with us!

    1. Ethan is yummy!!! And I adored being on this tour! So much fun!

  2. OMG Magen I so so so so love this post! That is such a fun interview and you know I love me some Ethan. I have got to catch up and read Destiny. I'm hoping over Christmas break. Thanks so mu h for being a part of the tour. It would not have been the same without you. *muggle huggles*

    1. *MUGGLE HUGGLES* Thanks for including me! I had sooo much fun with this tour!! OMG! You know how I love me some book boyfriends *wink wink* This tour was right up my alley!

  3. Awesome post! I loved your interview, so cute! Ethan sounds like someone I desperately need to meet very soon. I haven't heard of this series but it's going on the TBR for sure. Thanks for participating!

    1. I loved being a part of this tour!!! :D

  4. I need to know where this other tattoo is located and what it is!! It can't be that big or Nara is blind bc she's gotten a good look at him already ;).

  5. I LOVE this post, Magen!! It was just recently that I had the pleasure of meeting Ethan in his novella, and I can hardly wait to continue the series... especially after your wonderful post! That novella was such an intriguing introduction, and I'm so excited to find out what happens next. Ethan stole my heart. Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas *hugs*

  6. What a fun post. I have the first book on my Kindle and hope to read it soon.



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