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Review: Elfin (The Elfin #1) by Quinn Loftis

Title: Elfin
Series: The Elfin, #1
Author: Quinn Loftis
Category: Romance/ Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
Before tonight Cassie Tate’s biggest concerns were whether she could pass Algebra and how she was going to keep Elora, her best friend, from dressing her in a skimpy fairy costume for Halloween. Her feet were firmly planted in suburban reality and she had no reason to believe her life would be anything but that of a typical teenager. That is until tonight, when Cassie saw something that no human was ever supposed to see; in the blink of an eye she was thrown into the world of the Light and Dark Elves.

He comes from a realm where light and dark have fought for millennia. He is of a race known to humans only in myths and legends. The darkness that lives inside him is a part of both who and what he is and it makes him the most gifted spy and assassin in the history of his time. His life is not his own; he lives in the service of the Dark Elf King. He slays who he must, has mercy on no one, is relentless in his hunt, and never tires of seeing his prey fall. He is Triktapic, assassin, spy, most feared of the Dark Elves.

Now, in the midst of his King’s complicated plans to expand the Dark Elves’ holdings into the mortal realm, for the first time, Trik finds his loyalties divided. For no Elf, Dark or Light, can turn away from their Chosen.

Unbeknownst to the mortal realm, the battle between Light and Dark is being brought to their doorstep. The only one who can keep it at bay holds darkness in his heart like a lover, and the one who can sway that heart must decide if she can look beyond his black past, beyond his evil nature and see the man he is destined to be.

The question must be asked, does love really cover a multitude of sins? Can true love actually conquer all or will his darkness consume those around him until all that stands is an assassin with the blood of the mortal realm on his hands?


 My Thoughts  

I thoroughly enjoyed Elfin, and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it. I wasn't really sure what I was getting into when I started this book and I can say without a doubt I was pleasantly surprised. The whole elf world entwined with the modern world was really surprising and very well written. Though the only elves I know are from Lord of the Rings series, and I do love elves, I just haven’t read many books that feature them.

The urban fantasy twist that Quinn adds to the elf and modern world was well written and I did enjoy the world she created. The detail was pleasantly descried and I was able to really see the world I was reading about. The elf world and how it is balanced, or woven, into the modern world was, to me, pretty unique. I enjoyed that element and how the elves coexistent with humans.
“Love isn't suppose to be easy. Nothing worth having is ever easy. But it is supposed to be honest; it is supposed to be true and unconditional. Love is messy and painful and joyous and not without sacrifice. Love is supposed to conquer all."
I really did enjoy the main character, Cassie. Usually, in fantasy such as this one, the character handles how she enters the more paranormal world one of two ways; she either has a hard time believing it, or she just accepts it right off the bat. I feel that Cassie was of the first group. She had a hard time accepting the whole fact about elves existing. Quinn did an excellent job in handling that. Cassie also was a pretty strong character, and she didn't let what happened to her really bring her down for long. I felt she really came off as human. I think that is what I really liked most about her.

Trik, the assassin elf who gets involved in Cassie’s life, really was a bad ass character. Now he definitely comes off as dark and, well, because of that dark alluring disposition I definitely liked this character.  I think he had the most character development in the book. The connection that forms between Trik and Cassie was probably my favorite aspect of the story. And seeing how Trik’s emotions for Cassie develop made me really root for him.

The romance, though not really insta-love, though sort of, (that make sense??) is well written. It never felt rushed to me. When Trik and Cassie meet, they form a connection; they realize they are soul mates! This allows them to become extremely close, extremely fast! Now, despite the whole, we are soul mates thing, the romance between them does build nicely. It never felt rushed and I feel that it flowed greatly with the story.

The conflict in the book builds nicely around the development of the love between Trik and Cassie. It provided a great struggle for them to overcome, which then lead them to develop a much deeper bond. The conflict was a bit predictable, especially in the turning point of the book. However, it did not decrease my interest or enjoyment of the story.
“You are my everything, the very breath I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat; you are all that I need, all that I want and all that I am is yours."
I really did enjoy this one. I loved the whole world that Quinn created, though a bit odd at first, I was quickly lost in Elfin. I do wish I could have gotten more into the personalities of the characters, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. The pacing was great, and I enjoyed the fact that though the characters are soul mates, their love did indeed build nice and slow. I definitely recommend this one if you are looking for a different kind of fantasy book with very interesting elements! 


  1. This sounds pretty interesting and like you I dont think I have read many elf books. I'm actually okay with the insta-love as long as there is a solid reason or backing for it. If soul mates exist in this world, then thats fine! I'm deff going to have to check this one out more, you know I love my fantasy haha. Great review!

  2. Sounds like a neat world to lose yourself in for a while.

  3. Haven't been reading any elf books yet.

    Glad you enjoyed this one and that you were pleasantly surprised by it. It definitely sounds interesting.

  4. Wow... this sounds like a fun read girl! I like the sound of Trik... and how they're relationship may be a little complicated! Awesome review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  5. Excellent Review Corrie! I love the whole modern word with an urban fantasy twist! This sounds ike it was really interesting! I love when the romance builds slowly, it seems more realistic, and and depth to the characters love.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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