Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Honesty (Mark of Nexus #2.5) by Carrie Butler

Title: Honesty
Series: Mark of Nexus #2.5
Author: Carrie Butler
Category: Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance 
Genre: New Adult
Rating: 4  stars out of 5

Note: This novella is best enjoyed after STRENGTH (Mark of Nexus #1) and COURAGE (Mark of Nexus #2). It is told from Cole's (semi-warped) POV. 

Cole Blake is more than just a roguish ladies’ man. He’s also a dedicated worker—so dedicated, in fact, that he’s willing to blackmail his boss with a falsified sex tape in order to keep his job. And his proactive efforts don’t end there. After hours, he uses his Dynari abilities to moonlight as a vigilante, keeping his neighborhood safe from drunks, dealers, and would-be thieves. 

Until a mistake stops him dead in his super-accelerated tracks. 

Now burdened with the closest thing he’s ever had to a conscience, Cole struggles to justify his once-reckless actions. It’d be all too easy to give in to his darker impulses, especially with ERA making dangerous advances toward their goal of revolution, but embracing that hatred could jeopardize the few relationships he actually cares about—including his pursuit of the saintly Rachel Ranford. No, in order to keep everyone safe, he’ll have to come clean about his warring compulsions and ask for help... before his dark side takes over. 

My Thoughts: 

Well, this series just keeps getting better and better. And though this was a novella, a long novella (not complaining at all), Honesty was a perfect addition to this wonderful series! It was also such a fun read! Being inside Cole’s head was an experience; an experienced I just loved!
Maybe people are right. I am a cheeky bastard. Oh well. 
This book also made me realize how happy I am I picked up this series (which I can thank a wonderful book bloggy friend for raving about this book which lead me to starting it). Honesty is pack with tons of humor, action, a little romance, awesomeness, and character growth.

I love Cole! I really loved his character in the first two books, but now, now I can say I really, really love his character! He is such a complex guy and he definitely has many layers to him. What I loved about Honesty is that I really got to see Cole. And that allowed me to understand him in ways I couldn't before.  Yes, Cole is a crude character and he might not always make the brightest decisions, but he’s heart is always in the right place. And that’s one reason he is one of my all-time favorite characters. He has such a big heart and he loves his family; and he would do anything for them.

The book does take place during and a little after the second book, which was perfect in my opinion. I got to see scenes that took place in Courage from Cole’s POV, which, in my opinion, added more depth to the overall story. The pacing was done really well and how everything played out was well done too! The world that Carrie has created is just getting more complex and deeper. I also loved that we got to meet some different characters from Cole’s life and a maybe love interest that will be very good for Cole!
I'd be nothing more than a sexy streak of lightning.
What I loved most about this book was discovering just who Cole is. He really is a complex character with a big heart. And he really did grow a lot in Honesty. I am glad I got to see and experience his development. Honesty allowed me to understand him. All in all, I loved this novella! I'm so happy Carrie gave her readers a chance to really meet Cole.


  1. Wasn't his POV awesome?!?! I am so glad Carrie did this novella and I really hope we get more of his point of view in the next book. I just love how funny he is but also how wonderful he really is. And that love interest of his is exactly what he needed! I loved seeing some of Courage from his view too! I thought it really rounded out the story well. Great review Magen! *muggle huggles*

  2. Cole sounds awesome! I love cheeky bastards! LOL I Love complex, multilayered characters. I need to read this series! Between you and Teresa, I am really curious!!! Great Review Magen :)

  3. Cole and his layers and complexity seems like a character that I would absolutely love as weoo.

  4. This cover is just. Awwwwwww! This one sounds really like a lot of fun. Great review!

  5. Those quotes are hilarious and this review is fantastic!! I want to start this series so badly! I love this cover, and I think he is oh-so-pretty... and apparently he's a cheeky bastard to boot! How could I not want to pick this up? Thank you, Magen xo


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