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Release Day Blitz: Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (Nova #3) by Jessica Sorensen (REVIEW, EXCERPT, + GIVEAWAY)

Title: Nova and Quinton: No Regrets
Series: Breaking Nova, #3
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Category: Contemporary Romance
Genre: New Adult
Rating: 3.5/4 stars out of 5
Today is the first day of Quinton Carter's new life. The toxic guilt of his past left him in pieces-but one girl unexpectedly put him back together. Thanks to Nova Reed, Quinton can finally see the world with clear eyes. She's the reason his heart is still kicking behind the jagged scar on his chest. And he would love to have her in his arms every minute of the day . . . but he's not ready yet.

Playing drums in a band and living with her best friends are just some of the highlights of Nova's life. But the best new development? Talking to Quinton on the phone each night. She wishes she could touch him, kiss him, though she knows he needs time to heal. Yet shocking news is on the way-a reminder of life's dark side-and Nova will need Quinton like he once needed her. Is he strong enough to take the final leap out of his broken past . . . and into Nova's heart?

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My Review:

I have been hooked on Nova and Quinton’s story since the first book and I have to say the conclusion was a worthy conclusion for these two characters.  Both have grown so much and I have enjoyed watching the transformation they have been through.

Nova and Quinton are both very raw characters, ones with a lot of darkness in their lives. So, watching them overcome that darkness, become better, make something out of their lives was a joy to watch.  Nova is a strong character because of all the hardships she has endured.  I have enjoyed watching her overcome obstacles and her determination to help Quinton.

Quinton, by far, is the character who has been through the most powerful transformation since the beginning of the series. He is the one I have most enjoyed watching grow. His life hasn’t been the easiest; he has a lot of demons within him, but watching him finally overcome them was such a joy. I’m very proud of his character.

I thoroughly did enjoy watching Nova and Quinton finally have an opportunity to work and understand their relationship and their feelings for each other. And this time it was Quinton who needed to help Nova. That was a very important development that I think really helped them grow and love each other. Overall, as I have mentioned, I loved watching these two characters finally overcome their demons.

Sorensen developed a very raw, dark, and intense series. And I do feel that she did a very well job at drawing it to a conclusion. The story started out very nicely and the plot built with  a nice intensity; however, closer to the ending I felt the story started to feel rushed and the ending felt a bit too brief. That was my only complaint about this one. But I loved the characters, all of them, the storyline, the raw depth of emotion, and the challenges the characters have faced. Therefore, the rushed ending didn’t take away from the whole story.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. It was such a powerful, intense, vivid, and emotional read. I enjoyed every second of Nova and Quinton's story. And I do recommend this New Adult read to those who enjoy a raw love story.

     “I have to tell you something else, but it’s not good—it’s bad.” Before I can chicken out, I hurry and sputter, “Someone gave me a bag of meth today and I have it underneath my mattress.” As soon as I say it, I wonder why the hell I thought this was a good idea, throwing this on her. I need to stop relying on her so much—need to stand on my own two feet.
     I’m about to hang up, because really it’s the only choice, but then she says,      “Did you do any of it?”
     “No.” My voice shakes as I grip the side of the mattress and battle to breathe evenly.
     “Do you want to?” she asks calmly.
     “Yes.” My voice is full of desperation.
     “Are you… are you going to?” There’s a hint of worry in her tone.
     “I’m not sure,” I admit. “I want to, but I also want to throw it away.”
     “Then throw it away,” she says, as if it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.
     “I don’t think I can.” My hands quiver just at the thought of it and I rest my forehead on the mattress, still on my knees “It feels fucking impossible.”
     “Yes, you can.” She sounds so certain and I have no idea how she’s doing it—managing to sound so calm when I know she can’t be. “Just take it and dump it down the toilet. You can do this. I know you can.”
     “You have too much faith in me,” I say, slipping my fingers between the bed and the mattress, fighting the urge to hang up on her and turn to what’s only inches away from my fingertips.
     “No, I have the right amount,” she replies. “Now let me know when you have it and you’re headed to the bathroom. And don’t hang up on me.” It’s like she can read my mind.
     I sit there forever, going back and forth with what I want and need to do. At one point I grab the bag of crystal and put it back. Then pull it out again and open it, staring at the white crystals so close I can almost taste them. But      I can also hear Nova breathing on the other end. Soft and full of concern.          Acting calm, when I’m sure she’s freaking out. I want to throw them away just for her, but I have to wonder if it’s possible to care for someone so much that I’d give this up. Do I care for her that much?
     After a lot of deliberating, I come to one simple answer.
     Yes. I care about her that much.
     I get to my feet and make my way to the bathroom, not speaking. Then I lift up the toilet seat and, shutting my eyes, I tip the bag over, pour the contents into the water, and flush them down.
     “Did you do it?” Nova asks at the sound of the flushing.
      I press my lips together, resting back against the bathroom wall, realizing how sweaty I am and how much I’m gasping for air. “I did.”
     “See, I knew you could do it,” she says with relief in her voice. “I knew you’d do the right thing.”
     The right thing? Is that what I just did? Sometimes it feels like it is, but there are other times when it feels like what I’m doing is so wrong and disrespectful to Lexi. But through the right and wrong, there’s always one thing that gives me hope and that’s Nova. She’s what keeps me going.

About the Author: 
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Jessica Sorensen is a #1 New York Times and USA Todaybestselling author who lives with her husband and three kids in Idaho. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.



  1. I agree such an emotional story and I enjoyed their character growth

  2. This series sounds so good, and I am so happy you enjoyed the conclusion. I do love an intense and raw love story! Thank you for sharing the excerpt, giveaway, and your fantastic review! *hugs*


    jkjk never stop! I love it! This series sounds so good and I know you have thoroughly enjoyed it, so of course I need to give it a shot. Awesome review my lovely friend!

  4. I enjoyed watching Nova and Quinton overcome all of their obstacles as well! These two have been through so much darkness and pain that I needed them to get a HEA. I agree this was a raw, dark, and intense series, and I loved the characters and Quinton's huge transformation! Great Review Magen :)


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