Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Damaged Goods by Nicole Williams

Title: Damaged Goods
Series: The Outsider Chronicles, #2
Author: Nicole Williams
Category: Contemporary Romance
Genre: New Adult
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
When Liv Bennett said good-bye to her sinkhole of a hometown, she planned to leave that chapter of her life behind forever. But forever turned out to only be three years.

After her addict of a mother up and disappears, Liv returns to what she considers her own personal hell smack in the middle of nowhere Nevada to take care of her two younger sisters, and she promptly reinstitutes the golden rule that got her through her first nineteen years of life without getting knocked up, roughed up, or messed up: don’t date the local boys and, god forbid, don’t fall in love with one of them.

It isn’t long before that golden rule is put to the test.

Will Goods grew up in the next trailer over, but the wild, careless boy who used to tear up the town with his three brothers has morphed into someone else so completely, he’s almost unrecognizable. The quiet, contemplative man who works on cars every night and takes care of his mentally ill mother every day is nothing like the local boys Liv grew up avoiding.

But when Liv considers suspending her golden rule just this once, she finds out something about Will that will change everything.

Will Goods isn’t who he used to be—he’s not even the man Liv thinks she’s gotten to know over the summer. He’s become someone else entirely.

He’s become . . .

Damaged Goods.

My Review

This is the kind of New Adult reads that I want, that I crave, that I just can’t get enough of. Truly a book that took my heart made it happy dance, cry, break, and flail about.  I adored the characters, the world that Williams created, and the story that really pulled at my heartstrings.
I didn't remember anything. I lived that kiss. 
Will Goods totally melted my heart.  I seriously couldn’t get enough of his character. I loved that he isn’t the typical guy you read about in NA, which I loved. He definitely has that quiet demeanor that makes me instantly fall in love. He is a kind character as well, so I loved watching his story unfold, even if it was a bit heartbreaking.

Liv is a character I admired so much while reading this book.  This girl is strong, determined, stubborn, but willing to do anything (and I mean anything) for the people who she loves. Liv’s life definitely hasn’t been easy, but she stepped up and makes the most out of any situation. That’s what I loved and admired about her. I felt she’s the kind of girl I would want to be.

Watching Liv go through what she did, but making the most out of it was inspiring. I enjoyed that type of dynamic character. Will and Liv also have such a strong connection, so watching them evolve, go through everything that they did was very exhilarating. The connection they have was genuine. I loved that they taught each other about themselves and about the their lives. Though Liv’s stubborn personality does get the best of her in the book, watching her overcome that obstacle made me love her even more. I did figure out most of the major plot twist in the book (but of course it was still a shaker) because of personal experience. But that was just one major twist! It had my heart in knots. And again, I loved watching the characters overcome, grow, and find themselves.

The plot flowed nicely, and the pacing was fast and nicely done. The characters’ growth was so well done as well, honest and very realistic. Nicole really, in my opinion, knows how to write a romance that’ll tear at your heart and make you ridiculously happy.
I'd have been a lair to claim this revelation was something that had cropped up on its own. Will had been an integral, if not pivotal, part of getting me to remove the blindfold I'd been stumbling through life with. Actually, when I thought about a lot of the improvements in myself I'd notice lately, Will could be traced back to the beginning of them. 
What can I say, I loved this book! It was sexy, filled with characters I admired and adored, the story was filled with heart touching, inspiring moments, and it left me blissfully happy. 


  1. I have this one and Hard Knox on my kindle but have yet to read them. After reading your review, I'm definitely bumping this series up the list.

  2. Wasn't that twist crazy pants?!?! Gahh I so loved this book.... this is such a good series and I hope Nicole gives us more books in it. Awesome review Magen!

  3. Will sounds wonderful and like I could fall for him

  4. This sounds like such a great story. I love Nicole Williams :) Dynamic characters with a strong connection always make the story special! Great Review!!!

  5. I loved this one too. It was a very clever read in my opinion. I loved Will, he is such a nice guy... Sigh... I want to re-read it now!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  6. YAY! I'm so glad you liked this one too! I did NOT see that twist coming! I was like, whoaaa! I totally missed all the signs! LOL. But oh Will. I adored him so so much! Great review girl!


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