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Review: Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott

Title: Salt & Stone
Series: Fire & Flood, #2
Author: Victoria Scott
Category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars out of 5
What would you do to save someone you love?

In Fire & Flood, Tella Holloway faced a dangerous trek through the jungle and across the desert, all to remain a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed for a chance at obtaining the Cure for her brother. She can't quit--she has to win the race, save Cody, and then fight to make sure the race stops before it can claim any more lives. In the next legs of the race, across the ocean and over mountains, Tella will face frostbite, sharks, avalanche, and twisted new rules in the race.

But what if the danger is deeper than that? How do you know who to trust when everyone's keeping secrets? What do you do when the person you'd relied on most suddenly isn't there for support? How do you weigh one life against another?

The race is coming to an end, and Tella is running out of time, resources, and strength. At the start of the race there were one hundred twenty-two Contenders. As Tella and her remaining friends start the final part of the race, just forty-one are left--and only one can win. 

My Review

Getting back into this world was so much fun. I adore and love the world that Scott created. To me, it was filled with great action, intense suspense, enthralling characters, and moments that left me on edge. Though I didn’t remember much of what happened in the first book, it wasn’t long before I was swept away.

The characters in the book are all intriguing. I felt that Scott really did create a wonderful and diverse set of characters. Each brimming with their own uniqueness. I love that they felt a part of the story. Truly feeling like a part of that world. From the minor characters to the main characters, even the ones that got on my nerves, I enjoyed them all.

Tella, well, I enjoy her character quite a bit. I love that she, even after everything she has gone through, still has been able to retain some of that girly girl. I mean, come on, deep down we all love glitter and makeup, even when trying to fight for our lives. I love that part of her, but what I loved more was this girl’s heart. Tella has a fierce, powerful, caring, and strong heart.  Watching her interact with every character and Pandora really showed how caring she was. But she's also fierce in her beliefs as well. How she was determined to help, to not let the game turn her or the people she got close to.  I admired that. 

Guy is silent, fierce, and a very strong character. His personality, his strength and stern nature seeped off the pages. The way the Scoot represented this character made me really love him. I loved that he wasn’t the talking kind of guy, he is an action kind of guy. But he had his moments that really melted my heart. What I loved about him so much was that in this book we got to see him grow, really be challenged and see him fumble at times. His growth really came through. Watching him learn to trust Tella, even step aside and let her take charge made me proud of him.

Tella and Guy are a great balance together. I couldn’t get over that while reading the book. Yes, they do struggle in this one, the world they are in leaves no time for lots of talking to figure each other out and where they stand, but despite everything they were able to find each other and understand each other. It was enjoyable watching them grow and develop through everything.

I also have to mention the Pandoras in this world. I love the idea of the animals, the strange things they can do and the connection they develop with their partner. It was an aspect I enjoyed so much. The worlds that I was also introduced into felt very much real and very scary. I loved the dire I felt while reading. I felt like I was racing for my life at times.

I’m a detail oriented reader, so the only thing I did want more of was more detail. More movement between the action of the characters and the changing of scenes.  I enjoyed the fast pace of the book and how everything unfolded. It was really gripping and intense. The character growth was so amazing and one of the best parts of the book as well. And there were a few twists I didn’t see coming either.

Salt & Stone was an intense, action-packed, and a heart-wrenching read.  And the ending left me craving and desperately wanting to know what is next for Tella and Guy. 


  1. I'm glad you liked it! I can never get enough of those pandoras. I loved watching both Tella and Guy grow as people together and apart. Great review!

  2. YES SOMEONE ELSE WHO LOVES TELLA! I knew you wouldn't let me down Magen! I adore her because she is fierce but still owns her glitter side. I really hope we get a sequel to this one. Great review!

    1. :D :D I hope we get a sequel as well! And she is so fierce, but I also love that girly side of her too.

  3. I haven't read this one, although, I have heard of it. It's been on my TBR for some time now and your review does have me curious :) I hope I enjoy this one as much as you have.
    <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  4. Haha, Tella definitely got on my nerves in the beginning, but after that I thought she was great. I liked this one too. The pandoras... OMG. I want them all. I really hope Scott does a sequel too, because I have to see how things play out for Tella, Guy, and the pandoras!

  5. A shame it was lacking a little detail, but the characters sound so good together. You certainly have me wanting to dive into this series! Fab review girl!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  6. I enjoyed this follow up as well and hope for the next one soon

  7. You have me so excited to read this sequel! I love Ms. Scoot's world-building and diverse characters as well. The Pandoras and the connection that they have with their partners is something I loved in the first book as well! I'm really glad that this was such a great read! Excellent Review Magen :)

  8. I still have to read the first book! Can't wait to do so in the near future. These books sound awesome.

    Wonderful review!


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